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The story of ‘Chocolate’, the Hindi story published in 1924 that created a furore over homosexuality


Van of Good Times

17/03/2019, The Hindu

Lust for Life

01/03/2019, Open

Kolkata’s latest exhibit is all about unity in diversity

30/01/2019, Vogue India

The Quotidian Resumed

07/01/2019, Biblio: A Review of Books

Meet Paul Mallick, one of the last saxophonists of 70s’ Park Street

04/11/2018, The Hindu

Sally Rooney is One of Us

16/09/2018, The Hindu

The Lives of Others

05/08/2018, The Hindu

A Map to Truly Claim Queer Pride

01/08/2018, The Telegraph

What is the Weight of the Moon?

18/06/2018, The Mays XXVI


01/06/2018 (Print), The Isis 

China and Clay

29/05/2018, The Isis

The Currency of Shame

23/05/2018, The Telegraph

May I Borrow the Tiger Please?

21/05/2018 (Digital), 11/05/2018 (Print), Cherwell

Three Lions and Tipu’s Tiger

06/05/2018, The Hindu

Mare, Mary

29/11/2017, Berfrois

King and Queen of the Weekend: The Glorious Revisionism of Lorde’s Melodrama

29/07/2017, The Bangalore Review

A Citizen of War: On Malik Sajad’s Munnu: A Boy From Kashmir

08/02/2017, The Millions

Babur’s Grindr Year

16/12/2016, Blog, ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017


01/09/2016, Pif Magazine


06/07/2016, Squawk Back

Feature: Unmagazine: The 25 Under 25 Issue

March 2016, Campus Diaries

Ganymede, Zeus, and the Inexistent Mortal: A Study of E. M. Forster’s ‘Maurice’

30/03/2016, Open Road Review

Here’s Announcing The Final List of 25 Under 25 – 2016!

16/02/2016, Campus Dairies, Samata Joshi

Confronting Her Freudian Fate?

16/02/2016, Kindle Magazine

Ella’s Song

02/02/2016, Kindle Magazine

EndPapers: A Gallery of Strangers’ Missives: English students from Jadavpur University have launched EndPapers, a blog that archives inscriptions made on the flyleaves of books

13/01/2016, Campus Diaries

On Workshops for Wordsmiths, and Playing Grimm Angels: In conversation with Jadavpur University’s Dr. Ananda Lal

21/12/2015, Campus Diaries

When Schools Don’t Speak of Wilde’s Death

16/11/2015, Campus Diaries

Feature: Rohit Chakraborty

24/07/2015, The Hatke